Safety At Works Talks - Episode 02

October 17, 2017

SafetyAtWorkBlog's first attempt at podcasting was over a decade ago.  Many of those archived audio files still hold some interest in showing how workpalce safety approaches have changed, or not, over that time.  This archive program is from 2006 and contains an exclusive interview with Dr Jukka Takala who had recently been appointed head of the Occupational Safety and Health Agency of the European Union. In 2017 he is working with Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower.


Safety At Works Talks - Episode 01

October 9, 2017

This first Safety At Work Talks episode is the first of a series of exclusive interviews with Professor Sidney Dekker about his work, his research and his writings. Dekker talks about his new Safety Differently documentary and how it came about.

Safety At Work Talks complements the award-winning Safety At Work Blog with exclusive interviews with prominent and interesting safety people. A new episode will be posted every few weeks.