Safety At Work Talks - Episode 11

December 6, 2018

This episode is part 2 of my keynote presentation at the Heads of Workplace Safety Authorities Inspectors forum in Tasmania recently.

This podcast is an edited version of the second half of that presentation. This time I discuss the “primary duty of care”, the role of unions, the new work structures, Industrial manslaughter laws, the need to operate in a coordinated cooperative method across disciplines and organisations, notifiable psychological incidents and supply chains


Safety At Work Talks - Episode 10

December 2, 2018

Recently I was invited to provide a non-regulatory perspective and to be challenging and provocative at a conference in Tasmania. It was organised by WorkSafe Tasmania as part of the efforts by the Heads of Workplace Safety Authorities to strengthen the connections between workplace health and safety inspectors throughout Australia and New Zealand.

This podcast is an edited version of the first half of that presentation in which I talk about a little bit of business bullshit, resilience, the down side of “as far as is reasonably practicable” and psychological harm, and how this may affect the role of the Inspector.


Safety At Work Talks - Episode 9

October 24, 2018

Recently a groups of workplace health and safety professionals organised a one day conference in Christchurch New Zealand. This event evolved from a LinkedIn group established only a few years ago. I attended the conference and found 10 minutes to talk with the main organiser of the conference, Matt Jones.

My thoughts on the conference itself can be found at this SafetyAtWorkBlog article -


Safety At Work Talks - Episode 8

October 24, 2018

Kevin Jones, editor of the SafetyAtWorkBlog, interviews safety professional and international conference speaker Eldeen Pozniak on one of her conference-speaking trips to Australia


Safety At Work Talks - Episode 7

April 27, 2018

This weekend is the International Workers Memorial Day.  It is highly likely that the issue of Industrial Manslaughter laws will be raised as part of a trade union campaign.

Dr Gerry Ayres, the OHS&E Manager of one of the branches of the CFMEU, features in an online petition about these laws and it seemed the right time to interview Dr Ayres about these laws but also about workplace health and safety enforcement and practices more generally.