Safety At Work Talks - Episode 7

April 27, 2018

This weekend is the International Workers Memorial Day.  It is highly likely that the issue of Industrial Manslaughter laws will be raised as part of a trade union campaign.

Dr Gerry Ayres, the OHS&E Manager of one of the branches of the CFMEU, features in an online petition about these laws and it seemed the right time to interview Dr Ayres about these laws but also about workplace health and safety enforcement and practices more generally.


Safety At Work Talks - Episode 6

March 18, 2018

In mid-March 2018 I was invited to speak at the inaugural NSW Regional Safety Conference & Expo in Newcastle, New South Wales.  Once the conference had ended and prior to the Hunter Safety Awards event that night, I was able to talk with Sarah-Jane Dunford, the organizer of the events and the Director of the Riskology consultancy firm.


Safety At Work Talks - Episode 5

November 24, 2017

Episode 5 contains a chat with safety lawyer and partner with Clyde & Co, Alena Titterton. The conversation touches on safety issues like industrial manslaughter, dealing with police at an incident, certification to safety standards, safety in procurement, and small business.  Alena is a refreshing safety voice from Australia.  It is a comoanion piece to a recent SafetyAtWorkBlog article


Safety At Work Talks - Episode 04

November 8, 2017

This episode of Safety At Work Talks contains another interview with Professor Sidney Dekker, this time about his new book "The Safety Anarchist".

This episode includes discussions about governance, risk assessment, the safety profession, bureaucracy, centralisation and the cost of compliance.


Safety At Work Talks - Episode 03

October 29, 2017

With this episode of Safety At Work Talks I return to the sequence of interviews with Professor Sidney Dekker.  In April 2017, Dekker published a book called The End of Heaven which discusses suffering.  This book has a very different tone from his previous books and intrigued me.

The breadth of the discussion was also surprising with concepts and references rarely talked about in relation to occuaptional health and safety, such as morality, Acts of God, train disasters and the Bible.

A review of the book from July is available at the SafetyAtWorkBlog -